The first time many teachers will consider investing rather than saving will be when they receive their Teachers Pension lump sum.

Regardless of your appetite for risk, your savings and investments need to be diversified and viewed as short, medium or long term holdings.

As part of a well planned retirement strategy, we would always recommend that you hold some of your money in readily accessible cash in either a savings or deposit account to cover any emergencies.

If you have planned expenditure within the next 5 years you should consider holding money in longer term cash bonds to get a higher rate of interest until you actually need the money, this will go some way to reducing some of the effects of inflation.

Any money over and above short term emergency funds or not being used for planned expenditure should be put to work to try to hedge against inflation and grow in real terms over the medium to long term.

Holding all or the majority of your wealth in a single asset class, whether it is cash, property, government or corporate bonds or shares is not without risk and is rarely a good idea in the medium to long term.

Whether you are very cautious and need guarantees or you are more adventurous with your savings, we can help you get your money working effectively for you.