Retirement planning can be very complex and the decisions you make now can have profound effects on your family finances, for this generation and the the next.

The problem for many when it comes to retirement planning is that you don’t know, what you don’t know and often find this out when it too late to make any changes.

We take a holistic approach to retirement planning and we work with these teachers to help them make sure their finances are on track for the retirement they want.

In addition to our professional guidance on the teachers’ pension, we’ll help you make the most of your Prudential Teachers AVCs – exploring all of your options and finding the best terms.

We’ll make recommendations on retirement asset allocation, ensuring that you have the correct balance of cash to assets acting as an inflation hedge or generating additional income.

We’ll evaluate your existing estate plans and make recommendations to help you avoid risks to your children such as l sideways disinheritance, inheritance tax and limit potential long term care costs.

We offer all prospective clients a free initial review, this will highlight the areas that you need to consider and how you would benefit from our intervention as well as any potential costs all in plain English.