Investing for Children

The amounts invested for children tend to be smaller and to keep the cost of advice down when investing smaller amounts of money, we offer some investment products on a non-advised basis.

This means that we have selected a limited number of tax wrappers that are available to invest for children on a simple online technology platform, that will allow you to invest in a quality portfolio of funds managed by one of the UKs top discretionary fund managers.

You can choose the level or risk and investments are managed by Quilter Cheviot without having to pay an initial advice fee and you can invest as little as £1.

The tax wrappers that are available for children are:

  • JISA – Junior Individual Savings Account
  • SIPP – Junior Self Invested Personal Pensions

This service is best suited to those investing less than £500 monthly and / or a total invested sum under £20,000 who are not paying for our full ongoing service (which includes the advice costs of establishing Junior ISAs and SIPPs).

Investment Charges

Charges can have a significant impact on the return on your investments, this solution has been designed to be both transparent and low cost.

Intelligent Money make a charge 1.5% of any initial contributions made this means that if you invest £100, £1,000 or £10,000 using this platform an initial charge of £1.50, £15 or £150 would be deducted respectively as a one time charge.

Quilter Cheviot make an annual charge of 0.87% of the total fund value this means that if your fund value is £100, £1,000 or £10,000 using this platform an annual charge of £0.87, £8.70 or £87 would be deducted respectively each year.

Teachers Financial Planning Ltd make an annual charge of 0.5% of the total fund value this means that if your fund value is £100, £1,000 or £10,000 using this platform an annual charge of £0.50, £5 or £50 would be deducted respectively each year.

The actual charges you will pay on a lump sum investment or regular savings will be shown in your personalized illustration.

Investment Performance

All of the funds provide historic data to show the performance over time prior to application.

You should note that past performance is not a guarantee of future returns and that you may get back less than you have invested.

Advice & Limitations

Using this service should not be considered full financial advice as we will not be conducting a full financial review.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds held on deposit to cover emergencies and can afford any monthly contributions that you decide to make.

The annual fee that Teachers Financial Planning Ltd receive covers the costs for administration of the service and to provide you with a point of contact now or in the future, should you want one.

As an investor using this service, you will also get access to our newsletters, budget reports, tax cards and financial guides

Should you require a bespoke recommendation in place of this low cost solution, as independent financial advisers we are able to recommend products from the whole of the market but a recommendation on this basis will be subject to our usual fee scale and minimum charge of £295.

To get started and create illustrations or to download the Intelligent Money Key Facts Documents and Quilter Portfolio illustrations click below to proceed.

You will not be asked for any personal details unless you want to open an account. However, you need to click confirm before proceeding to the portfolio tool to acknowledge that:

  • You understand Managed Direct is a non-advised service and that neither Teachers Financial Planning Ltd or Intelligent Money have provided or charged you for advice and that you have not sought or received advice.
  • Should you decide to proceed with your application, you acknowledge that and confirm that you agree to Teachers Financial Planning Ltd’s 0.50 % annual support fee.


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