Critical Illness Advice

Often being seriously ill can have a much bigger negative impact on a family’s finances than dying.

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Many people have death in service or life insurance cover that would help in the event of an untimely death but far fewer have Critical Illness Cover.

When you are seriously ill, it might be that you are unable to return to work for some time – if at all and you will still have to maintain your bills and commitments.

A lump sum from Critical Illness Cover can be used to clear off any large liabilities such as a mortgage, make adaptations to your home or even pay for private treatment.

Many polices also include cover for children free of charge.

This means that should a child become seriously ill; a lump payment can be made by the insurer to help with the impact on the household finances.

We search the whole market to find great cover based on your needs, budget and the quality of the cover – we do all the paperwork and chase your application through for you until your plan or plans are active and your cover is in place.

Nobody likes to think about bad things happening to them or their families and every one of us has other more fun things they would sooner spend the money on, but protection is a key foundation of financial planning.