Teachers Retirement Seminars

AgendaOur seminars regularly evolve based on the feedback we receive from delegates as well as ongoing changes to legislation or taxation.

Our presentations are visual and deliver sometimes complex or technical information in simple and plain English.

The core areas of the current teachers retirement presentation cover:

Changes To The Teachers Pension 
Most delegates will now be affected by the changes to the teachers pension, we cover the main changes in the Career Average Scheme from the Final Salary Schemes.

Calculating Your Pension & Lump Sum Benefits
We work through several examples of teachers working both full and part time to normal pensionable age and also look at the impact of actuarial reduction when retiring early.

Added Years / Additional Pension / Prudential AVCs
Many teachers start to consider boosting their retirement savings as retirement approaches. We look at the options linked to the main Teachers Pension as well as the alternatives away from the scheme.

The Implications & Cost Of Early Retirement
Having worked through three examples of full time and part time retirement at pensionable age, we look at the impact that fewer years and actuarial reduction make to retirement income from the Teachers Pension.

Phased Retirement
Phased retirement has been an option for teachers for over ten years but few understand how it works or how it could be relevant to them. We walk though illustrations of phased retirement pre and post normal pensionable age as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

Working Past 60? You Are Probably Losing Money
Most teachers working past pensionable age are losing THOUSANDS of pounds a year in their pension without realising. If you are already past 60 or planning to work past 60 you need to act fast.

Where To Focus Your Financial Efforts Pre-Retirement
We cover when you should you be considering buying additional pension, Prudential AVCs, saving into ISAs or paying off the mortgage or other liabilities.

Death Benefits
How much will your husband or wife get from your pension if you die? What can you leave to your partner if you are not married and what you must do to protect them if you are not married.

Enhanced Pension Lump Sum / Pension Commutation
It is possible to take more money from the teachers pension than the standard pension lump sum at the cost of a reduced annual income, but is it really a good idea? We explore when it can work and when you should avoid doing it.

Lifetime Allowance
The lifetime allowance for pensions has fallen at an alarming rate over the last few years; The annual allowance has also seen big reductions. There is much speculation that the way defined benefits pensions – such as the Teachers Pension are calculated against the lifetime allowance will be introduced which will mean potentially large tax bills for many senior teachers.

Managing Your Finances Effectively In Retirement
How to put an effective and organised structure into your finances for the short, medium and long term to limit the impact of inflation and get your money working.

Reforms To The State Pension
Many teachers don’t realise that they will probably not qualify for the new flat rate pension at 66, we explain why.

Estate Planning & Inheritance Tax
With the inheritance tax threshold frozen for a number of years, more and more ordinary people are paying this tax that was once just for the wealthy. We look at the tax, who it hits hardest and how to legally minimise or avoid it altogether.

Limiting The Cost Of Residential Care
It’s estimated that 1 in 3 will need Long Term Care at some point. With Care Costs now approaching £1000 per week we look at ways to limit or potentially even avoid the costs of care.

Questions & Answers
We finish our sessions with a chance to ask questions or to speak to the presenter (who will be a fully qualified independent financial adviser, specialising in retirement planning for teachers)

All our events are free but places are limited – reservations MUST be made online at http://www.teachersfp.co.uk/seminars/