Independent Buy to Let Advice

We charge a low brokers fee of only £295 per property for Buy to Let purchases or remortgages. This fee is payable on application but refundable if the mortgage does not progress to offer stage.

Complete the short form today to see how we can help you save time, save money on your next mortgage and maybe save a life.

When your new mortgage completes through us, we will donate £50 to Education Support to help fund their vital work providing Mental Health care and support to those in the education sector.

When recommending your new buy to let mortgage or mortgages, we’ll look at the total costs involved and produce personalised illustrations and reports to explain why we have made our recommendations.

We’ll then do all the paperwork for you and chase your new mortgage through to completion, saving you both time and money.

We can also provide clients with access to Bridging and Development Finance for auctions and refurbishments.

This is subject to a brokers fee that is the higher of £995 or 1% of the facility payable on application.



Frequently Asked Questions

An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is a professional who offers impartial advice on financial matters that are tailored to meet your needs and objectives.

We conduct a detailed review of your current financial position and your future objectives. The advice provided by an IFA will take account all of your personal circumstances and will make clear recommendations on how best to achieve your objectives. 

We do not charge brokers fees for residential mortgage advice and £295 per mortgage for buy to let mortgages. For full pension and investment planning it will vary considerably depending on the scope of the work and the amount of money being invested.

We offer a free initial meeting which will highlight the areas you need to address now and in the future as well as any likely costs. We will fully discuss and disclose in writing any fees for advice, implementation and review before they are incurred.

For pension, investment or tax planning advice and recommendation reports the minimum cost you should expect is £295.

For potential clients that want to invest up to £20,000 as a lump sum or £500 monthly without any advice fees we have introduced our Managed Direct service on a non-advised basis.

If you are looking at this site it’s likely that you know you need help it’s probable that you could benefit from taking financial advice, whether that be as a one off for a specific area or ongoing support for more complex matters.

During your initial discussion, we should be able to establish the nature of the advice you require. If we don’t feel taking advice would be appropriate – we’ll tell you – there is no point in us charging a client fees that will outweigh any benefit taking the advice would deliver.

Contact us today to arrange a free initial discussion without any obligation.

We will then be able to determine whether you need some general guidance, more specific professional advice as one off or if you would benefit from regular ongoing reviews.